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Mental Health Support

Out of Hours Mental Health Support for Children and Young People

There is a new out of hours mental health support line for children  and young people who may need urgent mental health support.  

This has been set up quickly to support our health services by keeping people out of A&E for mental health concerns where possible. There is still a mental health response through A&E when needed as some people will still need this service, however we are also aware that a number of A&E attendances are unnecessary and a helpful conversation could have been enough for the situation to be managed at home.  

If you need to speak to someone on behalf or a child or young person or the child or young person themselves needs to speak to someone immediately about an urgent mental health concern they can call 01924 316830.

The team managing this are in contact with the CAMHS duty and crisis team in order for follow ups to the calls to be managed.